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World Leading

Customer Communication


We help businesses produce

effective print and digital communication

Locally and globally, CPX provide the best resource in terms of

  innovation, production solutions and ease of doing business

About CPX


CPX is a global collaboration of innovative  marketing service providers, each with their own R&D departments and physical production infrastructures.

Independently owned, yet tightly bonded at senior level, we exchange knowledge and work together on client projects on both a global and local level.


This provides businesses with access to an international production base, plus some of the brightest minds in customer communication.

> 6 bn communications

> 27 production sites

> 5,000 employees





 Formed by some of the largest pioneers in digital print, CPX offer:

  • Transactional and regulatory print

  • Direct Marketing

  • Wide format and display material

  • Commercial print and packaging


We help companies focus on their core businesses, offering:

  • Business process outsourcing

  • Mailroom solutions

  • Customer Loyalty & Insight

  • Data and campaign management



CPX embrace integrated communication, including:

  • Multi-channel communication

  • Email and mobile

  • Personalised videos

  • eDocuments and archive

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+ direct access to a further 40 global markets

Featured Case Study


Helping sell 75% of a company's holidays in 1 hour!


How do you convince more than 40,000 children to go on holiday with Kazou? Kazou, the holiday organisation of the Christian health insurance fund (CM) came to Symeta for advice on their campaign and found an answer to their question.

By making optimal use of the available customer data, Symeta produced 350,000 unique and personalised magazines with content customised to each individual child. Watch the video to find out more.