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Omni-Channel Marketing

About Us

Because Symeta are part of Colruyt Group, the largest retail conglomerate in Belgium, values such as innovation, service and expertise are in our DNA. Together with the group, we continue to be committed to sustainable entrepreneurship. Every day, we have almost 600 employees at your disposal to help you deliver world-leading omni-channel customer communication.

“Relevance” is what it is all about at Symeta. We believe that communication customised for each individual customer is the key to success. Thanks to our smart solutions, we make sure that customer information is used for comprehensive customisation of marketing and operational communication. We coach brands step by step to make the most of their data. The output is often advanced customisation of content and perception. This in large volumes and in colour, supported by integrated digital delivery.


  • One-to-one Mailing

  • Digital Mail Print

  • Postal Optimisation

  • Digital Print-on-Demand

  • Multichannel Response and Returns Processing

  • Multichannel Invoicing

  • Transactional Print and eDocuments

  • Transpromotional Output

  • Personalised Communication

  • Newspaper Printing


Key Information

Location: Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (Bruxelles)

Employees: 600

Ownership: Colruyt Group


+32 (0) 2360 0190

Sample Solutions

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Optimising Customer Data

Inspiring customers, and driving sales, through the production of 350,000 unique and personalised holiday magazines with content customised to each individual child.


Hyper Personalised Leaflets

Varying in structure, text and images, leaflets have discounts tailored to each customer based on consumer behaviour.


Multi-channel Invoicing

An omni-channel approach with an automatic paper invoice is sent out for every undelivered e-mail, ensuring optimal invoice delivery.