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CPX Members

Meet the family!

Members regularly meet to share knowledge, ensuring their customers get access to the latest customer communication thinking and solutions. Membership is restricted so that "working meetings" are interactive, with new members being invited based on their ability to add value to conversations.


Between meetings, CPX members also work together on client projects. In addition, CPX has direct production access to a further 40 global markets, ensuring that we can deliver on our customers' global ambitions.

Get to know our current full strategic CPX members below. To find out more about individual members and the solutions they offer, please follow the link to their website.

Belgium - Symeta Hybrid


Symeta Hybrid is a specialist in digital transformation, multichannel communication, print & mail and digital archiving. They deliver customised solutions, fully adapted to the specific needs of their customers.


Symeta Hybrid is part of Colruyt Group. Being embedded in this Belgian group of companies offers many advantages in terms of continuity and sustainable investments. 

France - Data One

Screenshot 2022-02-24 at 11.17.48.png

Data One, part of Group Diffusion Plus, is one of Europe’s largest Customer Communication Service Providers integrating both physical and digital communication.


Their tools help clients onboard and manage customer communication, provide print production and digital delivery solutions, plus increasingly are in demand for their full BPO service.

Italy - Leaderform


Leaderform is a printing company specialized in direct advertising and business communication services for companies.


With one of the largest industrial facilities in the sector in Italy, the company is able to meet every type of requirement through an integrated production cycle; from printing, to enveloping, to multi-channel delivery.

Morocco - Tragem


Based in Casablanca, Tragem is the leading company in Morocco for printing transactional and marketing communication, and is increasingly embracing digital channels.


Businesses not only outsource the production of communication to them, but also the running of key operational departments and processes on their behalf.

Spain - Meydis

Meydis Logo.webp

Offering a wide range of services, from Marketing Intelligence and Consultancy to Campaign Build and Production, Meydis are not your standard Customer Communication Services Provider.


They offer fully integrated Multi-channel services, backed by their own print production infrastructure, plus a unique digital and strategic offering.

Thailand - T.K.S

Screenshot 2022-02-24 at 10.50.02.png

TKS are the leading security printing company in Thailand, offering both digital and offset services across a wide range of customer communication applications.


The business has also recently diversified into the expanding packaging industry and is also active in delivering applications that will help Thailand become a digital economy.

Finland - Hansaprint


Hansaprint is a leading printer and service company in the Nordic region for printing and marketing communication.


With an impressive high-speed digital, offset and wide-format print infrastructure, they provide a range of solutions including magazines, one-to-one communication, print on demand and POS.

Israel - Be'eri Printers

Screenshot 2022-02-24 at 11.10.44.png

Be'eri Printers is Israel's leading supplier of advanced mailing and printing services, security printing, driving licenses and credit cards.


As customers and businesses increasingly interact online, they have increased their range of services to provide cross channel and eDelivery solutions.

Japan - ISETO

Screenshot 2022-02-24 at 10.35.48.png

ISETO is a leading printer and service company based in Japan for printing and providing outsourced business processes.

They are also a total solution provider with leading technologies for efficient customer communication, combining paper, digital and the latest communication platforms. They provide efficient and flexible solutions as a one-stop service base in order to meet any specific customer needs.

Poland - Prografix


Under one roof, Prografix integrates experience with modern technologies. The highest print quality is standard to them. They work in a creative space providing inspiration to their team and their clients.


Whilst based in Poland, Prografix also service Central European (CE) countries including Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, as well as the German and Austrian markets.

Sweden - Parajett

Screenshot 2022-02-24 at 10.45.18.png

With a combination of modern information technology and graphic expertise, Parajett develops and produces unique communication solutions for businesses and organisations, regardless of the output channel.


As well as Sweden, Parajett supplies the Danish and Norwegian markets.


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Through a partner network we can provide you direct production access to a further 40 countries throughout the world.

Interested in what CPX can offer you?

Please get in contact with your local CPX member, or contact Fraser Church at:

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