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Customer Experience

The last couple of years has seen a massive shift in how individuals want to engage with each other and with businesses.


To get a flavour of some of the members’ initiatives, watch the videos below, or click on any link to read the full story.

Augmented Reality for Documents

Using AR in your documents enhances the customer experience. It can help simplify complex content by guiding your customer through the document and making any assistance they need easily accessible.


A solution offered by CPX members Iseto and Groupe Diffusion Plus delivers a better experience and clarity.


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A Better Office Experience

Forward thinking companies have taken the opportunity to consider how to structure and design their offices to provide employees with a better and safer work environment.

Hansaprint provide solutions to swiftly and efficiently change the office experience to be more relevant to the new world of working.


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Invoices Paid in a Swish

Parajett has integrated online and offline technology to make payment of invoices simpler for recipients.

By integrating with Swedish payment provider Swish, they can add a QR code to the bottom of all invoices to enable customers to pay with a click of a button. 


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How to Remote Vote

With the onset of the pandemic, businesses and organisations suddenly could not operate physical assemblies and voting.

Groupe Diffusion Plus developed an integrated communication and voting platform aimed at delivering a simple, transparent and trusted experience.


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The Joy of Journalling

During the pandemic there has been a massive rise in Journaling as people find a route to express themselves and organise their lives.

Prografix have the ideal solution to make journals truly tailored and personalised, enhancing the experience for users.


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Read about two of the other areas that we believe are important for both ourselves and our clients to keep aware of

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