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For us, identifying and fulfilling our customer's needs is at the heart of everything we do. We serve our customers with a wide and diverse range of products and services.

The products and services of the Direct business unit are based on digital printing technologies. The services of Direct include e.g. print-on-demand books and user manuals, solutions for event and point-of-sale marketing, security printed products, transaction printing, solutions for targeted marketing and customer communications, and the delivery, storage and logistics services related to the above operations. The main technologies are electrophotography and inkjet printing. Direct has special expertise in demanding print products containing variable data. 

The services of the Print business unit include high-volume offset printing (for example, general interest and customer magazines, product catalogues, direct marketing products and illustrated catalogues) and the related binding and mailing services. 


  • Direct Mail

  • Transactional Print

  • Security Print

  • Magazines & Catalogues

  • Books & Manuals

  • POS and Display Material

  • Fulfilment, Warehousing & Dispatch


Key Information

Locations: Turku, Vantaa, Turenki

Employees: 200

Ownership:  TS-Group


Harri Kalliokoski


+358 50 557 8587


Sample Solutions

Large Format Display Printing

Hansaprint offers efficient and effortless turnkey service for point-of-sale marketing. Our expertise is available to you from conceptual design to the choice of materials, production and installation. We also take care of the necessary warehouse and logistics services for you.

Addressed Direct Marketing

With Hansaprint’s service, you can target your message to the right person and target group at the right time in four colours. Our digital printing technology makes it possible to produce printed products customised for the recipient easily and cost-efficiently. 

Books and Product Manuals

Hansaprint offers a service concept that makes it possible to order both small and large book batches cost-efficiently. Our on-demand production guarantees the availability of books exactly when they are needed.

Magazines, Brochures and Catalogues

In addition to the printing of magazines, catalogues, brochures and marketing material, we offer comprehensive service from graphic design and prepress services to warehousing and logistics.

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