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Customer Experience Provider

About Us

By entrusting us with your mailings or your management documents, you will benefit from our production power, quality of our services and ability to take your communication to the next level.  


In addition to printed output, we provide fully integrated digital solutions including email, SMS, HTML5 dynamic statements, personalized videos and augmented reality applications. 


Finally, we provide all the supporting services and solutions you would except from a world leading Customer Communication Service Provider, including design, data management, campaign management plus document archiving and retrieval systems.


  • Cross Media & Marketing Automation

  • Direct Marketing

  • Document Management including eDocuments

  • Customer Communication Management & Consulting

  • Postal Consolidation & Optimisation

  • Response Handling

  • Business Process Outsourcing

  • Data and Creative Services


Key Information

Locations :Gaillon (27), Sèvres (92) Gravigny (27)  Villeneuve (94) 

Employees: 900

Ownership: Privately Owned



Loic Lefebvre

+33 (0) 676 996 245

Sample Solutions


360 Degree Xmedia Solution

SaaS Xmedia publishing and marketing automation platform. 8 000 users hosted and +100M Print, Digital and POS messages delivered.

EDEP Consulting.jpg

EDEP Consulting

Providing consulting, creative, production and management services to support brands’ omnichannel communication strategy and enhance customer journeys.

Digital Onboarding.jpg

Digital Onboarding

Enhance your customer experience and boost your enterprise’s ROI by delivering a paperless and real-time onboarding process.


Customer Comms Management

Shape any types of data and manage multi-output services for transactional and commercial communications on both print and responsive formats.


Postal Address Enhancement

Predictive data programme to improve your postal and digital delivery rates by using our data sharing platform SCOP'ONE which includes over 15m addresses.

Regroup'Eure massification.jpg

Postal Sortation

REGROUP’EURE, transactional mail and direct mail sortation. Dedicated production unit : 4 sorting machines, 300 million packs/yr, 12 million€ savings/yr

BPO DocOne.jpg

Business Process Outsourcing

A portfolio of secured solutions and services dedicated to BPO & Case Management: handling inbound/outbound documents, scanning, archiving and providing digital workflows & portals.


Response Handling & Logistics

SOFAG handle, produce and ship communication kits, providing brands with fully integrated supply chain services.


Connect Print with SnapPress

Once enhanced with our technology, your documents will be available for a unique augmented reality experience.

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