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A Communication Innovator

About Us

With an impressive technical production infrastructure, Iseto provides a wide range of BPO services for the financial, insurance and government sectors. This not only includes production, but also forms management, Universal Design and order processing services, all supported by a team of experienced consultants. Additionally, we offer a high security Electronic Form delivery service for banking sector.


Additionally, we provide print based direct marketing services integrated across media, with supporting CRM platforms. We offer the latest technology, whether it be high speed, dynamic state-of-the-art digital print, or our Invideo personalized video service for providing customers with visual and interactive communication.


  • Direct Marketing

  • Transactional print and eDelivery

  • Forms management and design

  • Digital application design and build

  • Personalised videos

  • Fulfillment, warehousing and dispatching service

  • Books, catalogues and manuals design

  • Sales and development of system equipment


Key Information

Locations: Kyoto, Osako & Tokyo

Employees: 1,000

Ownership: Privately Owned


+81 (0) 752 558 717

Sample Solutions

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Multi-Channel Delivery

Integrated delivery of communication in both print and digital format

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Personalised Videos

Personalised videos,  bringing your  transactional statement to life and improving your customer experience