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Your communication partner for the future

About Us

Understanding the complexity of business communication, along with keeping an eye on the rise of digital technology, means that Tragem can offer a range of solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s market and consumer.


With a history in print and mailroom solutions, Tragem provide a reliable range of secure services, particularly suited to financial services and other regulated industries. With the exponential growth of mobile and digital technology, Tragem also offer digital delivery and workflow solutions, including world leading secure signature and document approval applications. 


Tragem not only provide service excellence to the Moroccan market, but also to other countries within the African continent.


  • Transactional Print & Tranpromo

  • Security printing and Checkbooks

  • Direct Mail

  • Magazines and Catalogs, 

  • Emailing and Digital Communication

  • Outsourced Mailroom

  • Transport and Delivery

  • Secure Signature and Document Authentication Solutions


Key Information

Location: Casablanca

Employees: 250

Ownership: Owned by Tragem Group



+121 (0) 529 043 152

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