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Quality work, quality innovation

About Us

Under one roof, Prografix integrate experience with modern technologies. The highest print quality is standard to us. We work in a creative space providing inspiration to our team and our clients.


Whilst based in Poland, Prografix also service Central European (CE) countries including Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, as well as the German and Austrian markets


  • Phygital – Digital application links to Print

  • Direct Marketing

  • Transactional Mailing

  • Offset and digital Print

  • Data Entry and Returns Handling/Scanning

  • Web-to-Print 

  • Door drop planning and execution

  • Video and personalised video books

  • Design and Advertising Agency Services


Key Information

Locations: Debica, Krakow

Employees: 150

Ownership: Privately Owned



+48 (0) 14 681 44 44

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