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Chewing the cud over customer communication technology

This article has a brief look into how a handful of technologies can help shape changes in Customer Experience.

Interactive Packaging

What is it?

Packaging that links to the online world.


You are probably already that companies use QR codes on packaging to allow customers to find out more about a product or to enter a competition. However, with the addition of items such as RFID, or unique 2D barcodes, consumers could track the provenance, journey of a product, calculate its carbon footprint of delivery, or even check that it has been stored in the correct temperatures throughout its journey to your fridge. You could even look round the farm where your organic beef was reared!


What is it?

The next version of even higher speed mobile connectivity. It's all about making better use of the radio spectrum and enabling far more devices to access the mobile internet at the same time.


Connected cities and venues. Think about attending a sporting event and being able to select and view your own replays in near real-time, enabling the crowd to vote for Player of the Match, or finding out how long the queue is at each eatery or toilet. The nirvana would be that you can even get a signal at the event!


What is it?

Basically, it allows interactivity within mobile messaging. Think of App type functionality without having to download an App; connecting mobile messaging with companies back-office systems and APIs to third parties.


As an example, consider how RCS could add value to your holiday, allowing you to tailor it as you travel, all from simple text messaging feeds. Travel companies could improve your customer experience, by letting you know if your flight is on time, providing an option of changing your seat on the plane at the last minute, helping you to get to your gate, letting you know how far your suitcase is from the baggage reclaim, or checking and booking travel from the airport to your hotel based on the current time.

Smart Outdoor Media

What is it?

Electronic poster sites where content changes based on data


We are already seeing content based on time of day, weather etc. We have also seen great examples of NFC beacons being used to drive outdoor media interactions with someone approaching a site and holding a leaflet with an RFID chip embedded, as shown in this award winning piece of work for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

As the world gets even more connected, and if people are willing to share broad profiles, think about the opportunity for posters to react to the profile of individuals passing sites, displaying information and offers relevant to them.

Augmented Reality

What is it?

Overlaying the real world with virtual world imagery.


Bringing a city to life. Combined with location base technology and camera functionality, a tourist board could provide you with a visual view of a city overlaid by landmarks and locations. The next natural step would be the ability to click and interact with a venue to find out further information; for example, viewing reviews of a restaurant and a link to their booking system to check table availability and make a reservation.

Whilst this may be a look to the future, most of this can be delivered now, or at least in the next year. All it needs is a few pioneers to grab the opportunities to use technology to improve their customer experiences with their brands.

Article written by Fraser Church, General Manager of CPX, a forward-thinking co-operative of Communication Service Providers.


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