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Competitive Non-Competitors!

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

CPX Members about to do battle!

CPX are known for being a non-competitive collaboration of customer communication service providers; however, once a year this all changes as they participate in the annual CPX Killer App Competition! This year it was at Hameenlinna in Finland, hosted by CPX Member Hansaprint

The Killer App Competition between members sees each partner presenting innovation at its best! The gloves are off, as they pitch their solutions to other members. This year votes were cast under two categories:

Transferable applications– Applications that could be used by other members for the benefit of their own existing customers.

Strategy decision– Demonstrating how the members had diversified their business to broaden their service offerings.

Each member had 10 minutes to pitch their entry, then the floor was opened up to some pretty probing questions. The presentations were diverse and varied demonstrating that members do not stand still in their business and thinking.


A taste of some of the strategic decisions from members who had diversified their product range across a wide range of solutions included a member who had diversified into the folding carton market, taking advantage in the enormous growth in intelligent and digitally printed packaging.

We heard about the development of a Document Production Hub subsidiary to deliver both current and future document solutions for businesses and their customers; the answer for a market undergoing structural change, embracing new regulations and channel delivery choices.

Finally, another member had found a neat way to achieve and pass on postal savings via consolidation to their customers, providing a level playing field postage model for businesses whatever their size.


So what about transferable applications? Highlights included a mobile based DM application allowing businesses to plan and order the print and delivery of a door-drop or direct marketing campaigns with just two clicks.

Other work-flow solutions included a hyper-personalised multi-channel communication engine, with dynamic templates and document logic that delivers better results for lower costs for clients; whilst one partner presented their own developed unified digital platform for the production, editing and distribution of multi-channel messaging.

The recognition of multi-channel distribution was recognised in one company’s solution to allow production routing of communication via the most appropriate channel. Including traditional paper mailing, digital mailboxes, email and electronic invoices.

But it was not all about one-to-one communication. We saw a dynamic modular display solution which allowed for new cover skins to be added to support different campaigns.

We also saw a really smart application that helped individuals prove the identity of themselves remotely when signing up to bank accounts etc.

One member even presented an application for businesses to track their assets, via tacking devices and a user-friendly web-based interface, literally saving over a million dollars per year! The skills that the member had gained over the year from processing real-time data and presenting in an engaging format has been used to provide a new solution to meet a business issue in a different environment.

Finally, a mobile based voice reading tool was presented. Targeted at visually impaired, elderly and foreign nationals, the app automatically reads them the content of a print-based communication out loud in the language of their choice.

The prize

The main reward was kudos and bragging rights – whilst members frequently work together, there is always a good bit of underlying competition to be seen as the most innovative member within such an innovative group of customer communication service providers. Oh, and there is a plaque to go with it!

The results

Keep an eye on the CPX website as we will be shortly announcing the winners, along with details about the winning applications.

So, 11 pitches, of which no two were identical! A demonstrating of the diversity and innovation seen by the members of CPX.

For further information, about any of the applications, contact your local CPX member.

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