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CPX now offering global print & mail coverage through link with DTP

CPX today announced a formal relationship with DigitalToPrint (DTP) to provide our customers with access to print and mail production in 90% of the world’s markets.

The relationship with DTP, global leaders in Distributive Print, provides CPX’s members’ customers the benefit of being able to produce print and mail locally; helping reduce time-to-market, costs and environmental impact.

Fraser Church, General Manager of CPX Group, explained the importance of the relationship to CPX: “CPX members produce print and digital communication for some of the world’s leading companies. Being able to offer a facility to print locally in any market around the world through a trusted and audited network, provides re-assurance that their overseas communication will be in their customers’ hands faster than being produced and mailed centrally”.

“As soon as we started talking to DTP we realised their unique global distributive print and hybrid mail platform ensured full visibility and an audit trail of every single piece of communication produced for customers”.

“The relationship also helps us reduce our customes’s carbon footprints. By producing locally, we can drastically reduce the requirement for transport; additionally, we can help minimise material wastage through undertaking print-of-demand”.

Glenn Lombino, Founder and Director of DTP explained their unique solution: “At DTP, we have assembled a global network of nearly 300 print and delivery partners in more than 50 countries which is unequalled in today's communications marketplace. Coupled with our proprietary document workflow technology platform, we can deliver custom solutions for any type of print production requirement, in any country, anywhere in the world”.

“Customers love the improved service we offer versus producing centrally and shipping or trying to find ad-hoc local partners. Everything is transparent and cost effective”.

“Perhaps one of the biggest commercial benefits is seen for postal mailings. Following processing files are transferred securely for local production, so customers only pay local mailing rates. This saves significant time in reaching the end customer, and significant costs in terms of postage”.

Fraser Church summed up the relationship. “It is a win-win for both parties, providing CPX members with a global production infrastructure, and DTP with the opportunity to provide their distributive print and hybrid mail solutions to a vast range of potential new customers. However, the big thing for us is that we are on the same wavelength. CPX work as a co-operative based on openness and trust. DTP fit this mould, and already feels part of our family. We look forward to working together to collaboratively push the boundaries of communication in an innovative, yet pragmatic, fashion”.

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