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CPX Expands Customer Communication Offering and Coverage

New members are welcomed to the CPX family from Sweden and Poland

CPX Group are pleased to announce that Parajett from Sweden and Prografix from Poland have joined their family, a collaboration of some of the world’s leading Customer Communication Service Providers.

The two new members provide CPX’s clients full coverage in the strategic Nordic, Central European and German markets in terms of mail production and distribution, with members now being able to directly service all of mainland Europe, as well as strategic global markets.

Talking about the new members, Fraser Church, General Manager of CPX commented “Whilst it is good to extend CPX’s physical production footprint, perhaps more importantly are the new solutions that Parajett and Prografix bring to the group”.

“Parajett are embracing the increasing importance of providing both on-line and off-line communication and integrated workflow solutions. They offer new applications to the group, including digital mailbox, office post, eDelivery and invoice solutions”, Fraser added.

Commenting on the new partner servicing Central Europe and Germany “Prografix have a unique dedicated “Phygital” development team, delivering ground breaking, creative solutions using digital interfaces to drive engaging physical and digital communication. Additionally, they offer robust scanning, inbound and database management solutions which supplement the existing range of CPX services”.

Discussing the reasons for joining CPX, Matthias Stattin CEO of Parajett commented “Being part of CPX provides us access to each of the other members R&D departments, helping ensure we are at the cutting edge of customer communication. The non-competitive nature of the group, backed by trust, allows members to exchange information and experiences, ensuring that they can quickly bring the best new solutions to their customers with confidence’.

This strong belief in sharing of knowledge and solutions was supported by Bartosz Mateja, founder and owner of Prografix: “The CPX family provides both ourselves and other members the opportunity to offer a wider range of solutions to their customers across a broader market. CPX has a global outlook and belief in working together. Prografix look forward to offering our unique solutions to other members’ customers and helping brands simplify their international supply chain through being able to contract through a single partner for multiple markets”.

Fraser Church finished by providing a view of the scale of the expanded CPX Group. “With the addition of Parajett and Prografix, the co-operative now has a combined revenue of over €800million, generated from 11 partners operating across 25 sites. This is supported by a partnership with DigitalToPrint that provides direct access to a further 40 markets”.

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