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CPX Group announces a co-operative approach to customer communication

CPX Group, a collaboration of nine of the world’s leading Customer Communication Service Providers, today announced the launch of an initiative to help customers take advantage of the latest in communication thinking and technology.

The group, which includes some of the industry’s most progressive companies, are working together to help share and impart knowledge of how businesses can use one-to-one communication to improve customer engagement and optimise their customer experiences. This knowledge share is backed by physical production infrastructures located world-wide.

Fraser Church, General Manager of CPX Group, explained the unique benefit that CPX can bring brands. “CPX are a family of like-minded business partners who not only collaborate on projects, but also openly share their knowledge for the benefit of other member’s clients. As well as meeting regularly to exchange information, you will often find a representative from one country helping explain to another members’ customer how an application they have developed has delivered communication and commercial benefit to their clients”.

“The sharing of information, inspiration and innovation is core to the values of CPX”, Fraser added. “Whilst we can provide a global production infrastructure for customers, the real value is in providing a global view of how customers can take advantage of the advancements in technology for customer engagement. Whether you want local or global production, CPX members can help you plan, create and deliver world leading communication”.

CPX were established in 2005 to share knowledge between some of the world’s most progressive digital printers. Over the years, members have produced a wide range of innovative applications, helping push the boundaries in one-to-one communication. Having a heritage in using data to produce one-to-one communication, members were some of the first in the market to embrace digital media to provide clients with truly integrated multi-channel solutions.

Membership of CPX is carefully managed to ensure that clients receive impartial advice from members who offer a diverse range of marketing services. Tatsuo Kotani, Chairman and CEO of Iseto Corporation, and the founder of CPX Group explained. “Members of CPX not only have to be a forward-thinking business, but also be willing to share information with other members and their customers. To enable this, members sign-up to a policy of openness and integrity, agreeing to work together for the benefit of all of the members and their customers”.

The initiative is supported by the launch of this CPX website and blog at www.cpx.group, plus a social media presence on LinkedIn (linkedin.com/company/cpxgroup) and Twitter account (twitter.com/cpxgroup); all aimed at keeping businesses aware of the latest thinking and news in Customer Communication.

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