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CPX welcome Go Inspire as UK member

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

We are pleased to announce that UK based Go Inspire have joined the CPX Group, a collaboration of some of the world’s leading Customer Communication Service Providers.

The addition of Go Inspire to our family follows the recent addition of new members in the Nordic and Central European markets, providing CPX with full European production coverage, as well as operations in other strategic global markets.

Fraser Church, General Manager of CPX Group, commented on the addition of UK based Marketing Services Provider: “Go Inspire were already a business partner with Leaderform, an existing CPX member based in Italy. The team at Leaderform highly recommended Go Inspire as being a natural fit in terms of services, geography and thinking”.

“Whilst they help extend CPX’s physical print production footprint into the UK, Go Inspire also bring a new set of skills and solutions available to all of the other CPX members and their customers; particularly through their proven strength in customer insight, analytics and loyalty schemes”.

“Existing members immediately saw the value that Go Inspire would be able to add to their existing customers, especially in the retail sector where CPX have great strength. They unanimously voted for Go Inspire to be accepted as a member”.

Andy Wood, Chairman of Go Inspire’s Insight division commented on the unique opportunity of joining CPX. “I am impressed by the transparency and willingness to share information between members. In an increasingly dynamic customer communication market, it is of great benefit to transfer knowledge and experience of approaches, solutions and channels. CPX members offer a diverse range of services, all aimed at enhancing customer engagement. I strongly believe that a number of these solutions will be of interest to our existing customers.

Andy added: “We look forward to learning from others and also sharing information and access to our own unique solutions. It also provides our customers with access to a proven and trusted global production base, being able to draw on local infrastructures and market knowledge”.

Fraser Church provided an update on the combined scale of the expanded CPX membership: “CPX Group now has physical operations in 12 countries across 27 production sites, plus direct access to another 40 markets through its’ partnership with DigitalToPrint. More importantly, the way that members work together collaboratively means that members have links with each other’s R&D departments, helping them keep their customers ahead of the market by delivering proven solutions relevant for today’s increasingly sophisticated customer”.

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