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Extending Shelf-life with Shelfy

Food waste is one of the biggest problems facing our planet. Every year a third of the world’s food is wasted, with 1.3 billion tons wasted a year![1] The carbon footprint of this type of waste makes this a serious environmental issue. Food waste is responsible for 3.3 billion tons of CO2 equivalents released into the atmosphere every year. This shocking number means that if food waste were a country, it would be the third-highest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions.

These emissions contribute to the rising earth temperature, acid rain and numerous negative health effects for humans. Additionally, food uses a lot of water to produce. The water used to grow one banana is equivalent to the amount of water in a 10-minute shower.[2] With a water scarcity crisis facing the planet and more than 66 trillion gallons of water going toward producing food that is wasted, solutions to combat food waste are urgently needed.[3]

A vital solution to reducing food waste is finding a way to make the fresh food that we purchase last longer. And the University of Salerno, supported by CPX member Leaderform Group, came up with the perfect solution! They created a simple cardboard tray called Shelfy. Shelfy is a cardboard container coated with a water-based solution that creates a microclimate that is hostile to the life of the bacteria that starts the maturation process of food products. Without this type of bacteria, the shelf life of products extends significantly.

Following a rigorous 2-year testing programme, the results achieved were remarkable. The shelf life of a pack of blueberries extending from 8 days with normal packaging to 34 days with the help of Shelfy. Additionally, grapes saw an extension from 12 days to 31 days, whilst bananas extended from 5 days to 20 days. By more than doubling the shelf life of products, customers are given more time to consume the products, meaning a huge reduction in food waste.

After 14 Days WITHOUT Shelfy

After 14 Days WITH Shelfy

Shelfy clearly has a positive effect on the reduction of food waste, but it also has a positive result for supermarkets. It gives supermarkets a longer window to sell their fresh produce, leading to a reduction in the cost involved with disposing of products that did not sell before their sell-by date.

Shelfy is also made of more sustainable packaging materials than conventional plastic packaging. Made from cardboard, it easily biodegrades and has a much higher recycling rate than plastic. Additionally, cardboard is produced from a renewable resource (trees), whilst plastic containers are produced from non-renewable resources (oil). Making Shelfy a long-term packaging solution to the food waste problem.

Happy customers, happy supermarkets, and a happier planet!

We love seeing our CPX members supporting and facilitating innovative solutions to help tackle environmental problems. If you want to know more about Shelfy contact Saverio Costanzo at Leaderform Group on +39 342 7533946, by email at or connect with him on LinkedIn here

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