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Hansaprint has entered the Big Brother House!

With many people having recently experience lockdown, the sense off isolation should not be such a challenge compared to previous years for the current Big Brother contestants. Especially as CPX member Hansaprint helped ensure their moods were kept high by bringing the outdoor world and vibrant visuals into Finland’s Big Brother House.

Harri Kalliokoski, Hansaprint’s Client Engagement Director for point-of-sale marketing and large format print, shared detail (and a few pictures) of this year’s work.

“For the second year in a row, Hansaprint was involved in designing the interior of the Big Brother house and producing materials for the premises, from wall and floor coverings to panoramic prints for outdoor spaces, as well as a gigantic puzzle for the weekly task. In the design, we used durable materials for demanding conditions that withstand wind and rain outdoors and moisture in wet rooms. However, the most important feature is the memorable visuals! The clever spaces of the 2020 Big Brother house are enlivened by colourful surface materials on both inside and outside at the terrace.”

Similar décor solutions are not just for the TV, with Hansaprint helping develop stunning spaces for a wide range of sectors including retailers, offices, hotels, restaurants, exhibitions and events. As explained by Harri: “We bring new options to designing and decorating business spaces by combining ecological materials and professional design into one stylish solution. If anyone is interested, get in contact with me and we will happily share how we can convert a blank canvas into a stunning location.”

Harri Kalliokoski, Client Engagement Director for point-of-sale marketing and large format print at Hansaprint

Harri can be contacted on +(358) 50 557 8587 or at harri.kalliokoski@hansaprint.fi

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