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How print created a holiday rush

Getting carried away on the “digital first” bandwagon? It is important to remember that different channels can have different roles in a Customer Journey.

Some media are great for creating awareness, others for spreading and sharing news and information, whilst some have a strong point of hammering home an offer.

For those used to marketing to digital natives, then often print gets ignored as a medium. However, perhaps print’s greatest strength is its longevity, tactfulness and use in one-to-one sharing. When something needs consideration, print can really come to the fore.

Print and Social Working Hand-in-Hand

A great example of how print can be used to exceptional effect in a Customer Journey is the work undertaken by CPX member Symeta for Kazou, a children’s activity holiday company.

Potential holidaymakers were sent a brochure personalised to each and every one of them. If they had been on holiday with Kazou before, the brochure included photos reminding them of their previous vacation. In all cases it highlighted Kazou holidays that would best fit their profile. At Symeta, we call this Hyper Personalisation.

Kazou personalised brochures in production

Following production on Symeta’s high speed digital print production line, brochures were mailed, and a holiday booking date announced. A real buzz was created, with recipients browsing through options and using social media to chat about where they wanted to go on holiday this year with their friends.

On the on-sale date, customers were waiting online ready to press the “book” button to secure their ideal holiday, often with their friends all hovering on-line to book the same resort and date.

As a comparison to another market, think about the anticipation of booking a ticket to your favourite artist’s tour on-line. Kazou managed to recreate this excitement through the clever use of print and the customers’ own use of digital and social media.


The result – most of the holidays took over 75% of their bookings within 1 hour of the on-sale date. A star performance for a holiday company!

But don’t just take my written word for this, if you have a couple of moments spare, watch the video.

Finally, whilst I thought this news worthy within the customer communication industry, I am also pleased that it reached a broader audience as the excitement caused actually managed to get the campaign featured on Belgian TV News. Not bad for a piece of print!

Article by Jo Van De Weghe, Sales and Marketing Director at Symeta Jo.vandeweghe@symeta.com

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