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How to Remote Vote

In Spring 2020 Groupama, the large banking and insurance company, was hit with a big problem. How do you run a General Assembly, for each member to vote to elect their representatives, without the ability for in-person presentations, meetings and voting? Their business partner, Groupe Diffusion Plus (GDP), had originally been planning to run a cross-media communications campaign to assist the general assembly, however, with the life-changing nature of the coronavirus pandemic they had to quickly review their strategy.

GDP were faced with the challenge of converting a traditional voting system into a fully digital platform within a very short space of time. Local assemblies could no longer take place as people were required to isolate at home, and in-person voting needed to be converted into a digital system that was fully accessible for all. To make this possible GDP utilised a variety of platforms.

The project was managed by GDP’s newly formed specialist CX and digital consultancy, who acted as the single point of contact for the client, integrating other group services including campaign management and print offered by Gocad Services and Data One.

Videos were highlighted as playing a fundamental part in making the digital system as close to emulating the traditional election process as possible. Furthermore, videos have been highly successful in engaging users over the past year. Research shows that in the last year there was a 104% increase in the views of corporate communication videos, as well as a 59% increase in marketing video views. This highlights the importance of using videos to communicate information and engage users. Therefore, GDP used their creative agency, DP Conseil, to shoot and edit videos, including training all presenters at regional centres, with YouTube used to host all content.

DP Conseil filmed and edited 250 videos

The move to video usage was highly successful, with over 250, 10-minute corporate and local videos produced in just 1 month. Links to these videos were communicated via email, as well as by traditional postal mail, including printing QR codes for recipients to scan and access the relevant footage. This ensured all members had access to the key information about everyone running for election as well as company updates from senior management.

Physical letters had personalised QR codes printed to provide recipients with direct access into the voting app

Switching from traditional voting to completely remote voting was a huge shift. Therefore, GDP collaborated with Gedivote, the market leader in voting systems, to seamlessly integrate their voting platform with GDP’s communication infrastructure. Voters were provided with an ID code, ensuring the voting system was fair and secure. People were then sent links to vote, via SMS and email. Once the vote was closed, data was automatically extracted to produce the outcome of the vote.

By scanning the market and making alliances with renowned systems and business partners GDP were able to deliver an exceptional fully digital general assembly for Groupama, which can now be taken and emulated for other organisations requiring a new remote voting experience.

Get in contact with your local CPX member to see how they can use digital transformation to ensure your customers continue to get the high level of customer experience they expect, or call Jonathan Laloum at Groupe Diffusion Plus on +00 33 647 526 499 to find out more about their unique remote voting platform. Alternatively drop him an email at or connect with him on LinkedIn here

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