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In a battle between print & digital there can only be one winner…or can there?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

CPX member Groupe Diffusion Plus (GDP) is seeing a vast uptake in their digital services; however, demand for print is equally buoyant. So which to invest in? The answer from GDP is a resounding “both”

Loic Lefebvre, Groupe Diffusion Plus’s Development Director, shares the background to the approach his business is taking.

“The pandemic has definitely accelerated the demand from clients to help them with their digital transformation. The strategic decision we made to create a dedicated digital division within the group was well timed for our customers. In these unprecedented times they need help from partners they can trust and who have all the relevant skillsets. 18 months ago we started on a project to combine the contribution of all of the group subsidiaries and all of the digital talent of the group into a specialist division GDP.digital.

Our “Good Digital People” are busy helping support clients’ digital acceleration, and the exceptional demand means we will continue to invest in both our infrastructure and our team.

Good Digital People

“At the same time, we are seeing continued demand for print from clients as they increasingly understand the value the medium can bring to a customer’s experience with a brand. Broadly this is split into two areas. Firstly transactional print, where consumers still want the re-assurance of having an important document or bill in writing that they can refer to. Secondly, Direct Marketing where brands are realising that paper has become a premium way to talk to your customers. To do both of these in the volumes that our customers are demanding, we need to produce the best possible quality, at the best speed and at the best cost".


To do this Data One, GDP’s print division have invested in the latest print and finishing technology including working with HP to create a stunning digital print suite. To help you get the feel of Data One’s impressive print infrastructure, Loic provides a virtual tour in the following video.

But do clients just demand digital or print in isolation? “Definitely not” says Loic

“Our clients are increasingly looking to us to deliver integrated solutions embracing digital channels. With the rise of the power of the consumer it is vital for brands to have the capability to reach them with the appropriate messaging, at the appropriate time, using the most appropriate channels. This includes smoothly transitioning from one channel to the other using technology such as QR codes to direct customers from a piece of print to an online landing page. At GDP we have re-acted to this demand by ensuring we invest in both online and offline channels, including platforms such as our market leading GOCAD platform that allow clients to design and manage integrated omni-channel campaigns”.

Leaving the final word to Loic: “So whether you are a Die Hard Print or Die Hard Digital Advocate, or somewhere in between, there will be excitement and adventure on every level with Groupe Diffusion Plus. And with our motivation, fascination with technology and our passion, we will make sure our clients are the winners”.

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