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Invoices Paid in a Swish

Providing exceptional customer experience is a key focus for all CPX members. Parajett has recently highlighted their commitment to this by launching a new, simpler way to pay invoices.

The main problem identified with paying invoices is that the process takes too long. Every time a customer receives their paper invoice, they have to find their bank card, log into their banking app, find the details of where to make the payment too and verify the payment. This process frustrates customers and leads to delays in making payments.

So, Parajett has made the process simpler.

With 80% of the Swedish population using the mobile payment system Swish, Parajett identified an opportunity to harness this app to make the process of paying invoices easier and quicker.

By adding a QR code to the bottom of all invoices suddenly payments could be made in a ‘swish’. Parajett collate all the information into a QR code, such as the payment date, amount, and customer ID. Therefore, all the customer has to do is open their Swish app, scan the QR code, which feeds all of the necessary information to Swish, and hit approve. This process means invoices can be paid in less than 30 seconds, giving customers more time to get on with things that are important to them.

Parajett has also utilised the digital mailbox Kivra to make payments easier. Kivra have recently launched a new invoice renewal function, allowing users to simply click and pay with their Mobile Bank ID. Parajett have worked to ensure that the invoices they are producing are compatible with Kivra; allowing their customers to utilise this useful app to make payments quickly and easily.

The simple and easy process of paying invoices improves customer relationships with Parajett’s clients in the charity and insurance sector. Because of this improved relationship, there has been an increase in customers extending their insurance with the company. After the first test period of this innovative new solution, there was an increase of 5 to10 percent of customers extending their insurance in some segments.

Although other countries may not have the equivalent of Swish and Kivra to utilise, this case study certainly provides inspiration on how to use digital transformation to ensure the best experience for your clients and their customers.

It’s great to see another forward-thinking approach from a CPX member, using digital transformation to improve the experience of their customers. Get in contact with your local CPX member to see how they can transform your company digitally, helping you to provide a first-class customer experience. Alternatively, to find out more about Parajett’s invoicing solutions contact Per-Anders Olsson at Parajett on +46 70 465 4532, message him on linkedIn here or email him at

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