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Globalisation v Localisation

In 2020 Groupe Diffusion Plus (GDP) and Normandie CCI announced the launch of an initiative for supplying local businesses and residents with PPE manufactured in the Normandie area of France.

Influenced by the current climate, a trend has emerged of businesses increasingly supporting their local communities. In return, customers are positively seeking out regional suppliers, knowing their products and services are coming from a local source and that their purchases are supporting their neighbourhood economy and employment.

Perhaps one of the best examples I have seen is an initiative from CPX Group Member Groupe Diffusion Plus (GDP) and Normandie CCI, the first network of companies in the Normandie region of France, with the launch yesterday of The project called "PROTÉGEZ-VOUS NORMAND" translated as "PROTECT YOURSELF NORMANS" is supported by local trade organisations, with 30 local businesses participating.

The initiative is targeted at local businesses and individuals in Normandie, letting them order Coronavirus protective equipment that has been manufactured in Normandie. Products supplied meet their daily protective needs, including hydro alcoholic solutions and gels, masks, visors, screens and signage, with guaranteed distribution and delivery from a regional business within 48 hours.

The initiative also provides a distribution channel to get their products to market for companies based in Normandie which have adapted their production tools to offer PPE. In total 30 companies are participating in the venture, with their products being listed on the website developed by Groupe Diffusion Plus. Customers have the confidence that if a product is listed on the site, it will definitely be delivered within 48 hours.

Categories of locally manufactures PPE to be found on the eCommerce website

Groupe Diffusion Plus, who are based in Gaillon, Normadie,have used all its know-how in e-commerce, logistics and transport, to offer a complete solution including:

· A commercial site,

· Storage of products,

· Processing and preparing orders,

· Shipping via local delivery services

· Customer service

Groupe Diffusion Plus Production and Distribution Centre In Gaillon

Loic Lefebvre, GDP

Loic Lefebvre, Development Director of Groupe Diffusion Plus, commented: “Whilst Groupe Diffusion Plus are one of the world’s most innovative communication companies, we are still very proud of our Normandie heritage. This initiative demonstrates how working with other businesses and associations in our regions, we can all support the needs of a community and each other”. Loic added A special mention to our Normandy subsidiaries for the construction and implementation of the web platform, the picking, parcelling and logistics of the orders received, as well as to the Business Development team of Groupe Diffusion Plus for the coordination of this great project in close collaboration with the teams of CCI Normandie”.

The Initiative was launched by Gilles Treuil, President of CCI Normandie and William Meriel, Founding President of Groupe Diffusion Plus.

Gilles Treuil, President CCI Normandie

William Meriel, Founding President GDP

They were supported by contributions from Loïc Lefebvre, Director of Development Diffusion Plus Group; Sébastien Windsor, President of the Normandy Chamber of Agriculture and President of the Chambers of Agriculture France; Sophie Gaugain, First Vice President of the Normandy Region; Pierre Jean Leduc, President of Dedienne Multuplasturgy Group and President Medev Normandie; Marc Pradal, President Kiplay and President UFIMH (French Union of Fashion & Clothing Industries); and Philippe Derez President Derez & Fils. Additionally, representatives of all of the 30 manufacturers involved in the project were present to support the launch.


In my view, the willingness of CPX members to openly share ideas and innovation such as this provides inspiration to others to replicate such stunning initiatives in their own markets. So, a global network of individuals can truly be a catalyst for local opportunities...World leading ideas delivered locally!

Article by Fraser Church, General Manager of CPX Group

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