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Symeta transform their capabilities in a time of digital transformation

Symeta, CPX’s member in Belgium, are delighted with the recent acquisition of Joos Hybrid by their parent Colruyt group.

The acquisition fits with Colruyt Group's ambition to respond to evolving consumer needs. Joos Hybrid's activities are complementary to the activities of Symeta, Colruyt Group's printing and document management specialist. Symeta specialises in personalised marketing communication, whereas Joos Hybrid excels in transactional communication and document solutions. This acquisition is part of the group's efforts to support both internal and external companies in their digital transformation.

Joos Hybrid's Operation in Haasrode, Belgium

Joos Hybrid, previously a subsidiary of the Belgian family business Group Joos, optimises its customers’ transactional communication and facilitates a multichannel approach to communication and document management. They process data of companies and deliver it tailored to the needs of the recipients, ranging from postal services to various digital channels (email, text message, Zoomit, Doccle, etc.). Besides printing and document management, their digital platform also facilitates electronic invoicing and payment. Its flexible total solutions enable companies to increase their efficiency and offer user friendliness and freedom of choice to their end customers.

Jo Van De Weghe, Symeta's Sales and Marketing Director, summarised the opportunity that this exciting acquisition creates:

Jo Van De Weghe, Sales & Marketing Director, Symeta

“Consumers are increasingly trying new channels of communication, whilst businesses are looking to be both more engaging and more efficient.

Our expanded business will help us support clients in transforming their processes, whilst providing them the opportunity to deliver the right message, at the right time, via the right channel. With our heritage of data driven one-to-one communication, we are here to help clients build relationships with their customers”.

Jo added “We cannot wait to talk to Symeta and Joos Hybrid’s customers about the extended range of solutions we can now provide them. Both companies are very complementary and our customers will take advantage of the synergies.

These are challenging, yet exciting times for everyone, and we trust that we can help them take their communication and associated processes to the next level”.

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