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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

At the recent 30th Working Meeting in Belgium CPX members were immersed in the host Symeta’s parent company Colruyt, the largest retailer in Belgium. We shared the latest thinking, applications and customer communication solutions designed to help retailers optimise customer experiences.

10 Solutions CPX Offer Retailers

A summary of 10 of the solutions discussed, and available to all members, included:

1. Customer Loyalty Campaigns & Data Insight

CPX members can help clients understand their customers through data, especially when transactions are involved. For some clients, this means everything from strategy, to database build and management, to analysis/insight, to operational data capture and customer services. Others take a “pick and mix” approach and we just provide the analysis/strategy.

Understanding Customers Through Data

2. Reward Management and Redemption

Members work with retailers to manage both physical and digital e-stamp loyalty solutions; developing both digital interfaces, as well as producing physical stamps and collection booklets which still have enormous relevance in many global markets.

Digital and Physical Loyalty Programmes

3. Customer Prospecting

We help retailers find new customers around their stores. Based on store address and customer profiles, we can help identify target households, subsequently producing and delivering targeted direct marketing campaigns.

Customer Prospecting in Store Catchment Areas

4. Multi-Channel Engagement Program:

To generate traffic and engage shoppers, clients are offered a multi-channel engagement platform. A great example is producing web form, E-coupon, emailing and personalized menu videos for one of Europe’s largest food retailers.

Personalised Recipes + Targeted Offers

5. Hyper-Personalised Marketing

Based on customer profiling and segmentation members produce some of the most hyper-personalised marketing in the retail world, including tailored promotion of products and associated offers.

Hyper-Personalised DM for Colruyt

6. Targeted Coupons

We can help analyse the store card bills of customers to provide with personalised targeted coupons which match their purchasing habits, personal and geographical profile of customers.

Targeted Coupons Based on Purchase

7. Personalised and Interactive Videos

With the growth in videos as a marketing tool, we offer solutions such as interactive videos, whereby consumers can play a game within an interactive video to get the best discounts on the most appropriate products for them.

Interactive Self Select Offers

8. Marketing Cloud

We provide a complete cloud-based solution for customers to manage data, rules and communication production and delivery. This integrated marketing tool has been developed to offer a self-serve solution for planning and campaign execution.

Self Serve Retail Marketing Cloud

9. Marketing Logistics & POS

We build portals for the controlling of all marketing and point of sale material, including online editing and ordering, production, warehousing, direct delivery and logistics, all supported by management information and associated brand control and protection.

10. CPX Members Becoming Brands Themselves

Finally, a number of members are launching their own retail products and services, selling direct on both a B2B and B2C basis. This includes a B2B web-to-print service for SMEs (www.pix.co.il) by Be'eri, and the launch of a unique personalised notebook solution (www.coverlover.com) from Prografix.


With over 150 retail customers between the CPX members we have a fairly good view of some of the innovations in the market, plus are driving some of them ourselves. Our solutions are available in all markets, so just contact your local CPX member if you would like to discuss how they could benefit your business.

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