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The Joy of Journalling

The past 18 months have been stressful and anxiety-inducing. With everything feeling out of control, ways to help organise your thoughts and relieve tension feel more valuable than ever before.

Journalling saw a huge growth in 2020, with people using it as a way to reduce stress and clarify their thoughts and feelings during such a turbulent time. Journalling has been proven to have a positive impact on mental health by providing a creative outlet, an opportunity to gain self-knowledge, and a way to organise your thoughts and feelings. Additionally, it provides a valuable break from technology, giving you time each day to move away from screens and partake in a mindful activity. These benefits translate into high sales in the journal and notebook market, with US-based company,, witnessing a rise of 37.5% year-on-year in the journal and notebook category.

choose from a wide range of designs

Prografix were ahead of the trend and started developing their own journal range, Cover Lover, a couple of years ago. What makes the journal developments from Prografix so exciting, is the ability to fully customise the Coverlover journals and planners, from the design on the front to the layout inside. Users can add stickers, tags and even upload photos to be printed on the cover. Making the design of each journal as unique as the contents inside.

Add your own photos and text to the cover to truly personalise

Each product is a work of art, with the wide variety of beautiful graphics on the covers designed by Polish artists. Coverlover uses high-quality paper and has a range of products to suit individual needs, from completely blank pages for creatives who want to organise their journal in their style, to planners that have monthly, and weekly spreads already created so you can get your commitments down straight away.

Add stickers and tags to enhance the experience

Prografix immersed themselves in the production of the Coverlover products by designing the website and online design tool, as well as printing, binding, and mailing the end product. As with all CPX members they also kept environmental sustainability at the forefront of their minds whilst developing their product, with all of the Coverlover products are packed and sent in environmentally friendly packaging.

Coverlover highlights the drive that CPX members have to always put their customers first, with the beautiful journals curated with the end-user experience at the forefront.

To find out more, click here to visit the Coverlover website

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