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Using Augmented Reality to bring your documents to life

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

CPX Group member ISETO have recently introduced an innovative augmented document solution to the Japanese market, providing their clients with the opportunity to deliver more immersive and engaging customer experiences

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

AR was first developed in 1962 in the form of a helmet in which you could participate in a virtual motor race. However, it has developed a long way since then. AR allows virtual layers to be shown in the real world, allowing real world objects to be enhanced by computer-generated information. Regarding documents, AR creates an immersive print experience by allowing you to scan the printed document with a smartphone to uncover interactive content, or pull out key content of PDFs by utilising 3D images, videos and URL links.

ISETO’s innovation for the financial services sector provides a brilliant example of how this technology can be utilised. In the example document below all the elements circled in red are interactive once scanned by a smartphone, or opened in PDF. For example, the ‘Play’ button links to a personalised video, the image of the mobile phone can be clicked to dial you straight to the call centre and the computer logo takes you straight to the company’s website. The application can even launch a chatbot to help answer customers’ questions.

An example of an AR document from Iseto

Why is it useful?

Using AR in your documents enhances the customer experience. It can help simplify complex content by guiding your customer through the document and making any assistance they need easily accessible. Video is proven as a catalyst for engagement; therefore, by adding integrated videos to your PDF or printed document you will be able to drive customer engagement into sales and/or satisfaction.

AR also provides the much-needed connection between the print and the digital world, allowing them to co-exist. Using a digital and print approach together is proven to increase purchasing effect, with research by ISETO showing that when used together the response rate is 60.8%, compared to 31% when used separately.

Using AR provides the opportunity to use reporting tools to understand the levels of engagement with your documents. Having real-time updates on interactions with your document allows you to continuously develop and improve your interactions with your consumers.

Recent research by the Nikkei BP business newspaper, shows that during a typical customer journey, the customer’s touch points regularly switch between Digital and Analogue.

Nikkei News Paper Study of Direct Mailing

Recognising the need to deliver seamless integrated solutions, ISETO use the ARGO platform to create their AR documents. This has provided the opportunity to deliver both analogue and digital documents from the same platform, ensuring consistency across both documents creating a unified experience for all customers. Below is a video explaining how the ARGO platform works.

Augmented Reality delivers many interactive options when combined with a wide range of print output, not just documents, as shown in the following video.

Who is using it?

ISETO are currently using AR for clients in the financial service to help make, what can often be complex and confusing documents, simple and interactive. However, it can be used in many different fields, with Data One using it for the utilities industry and education services, as well as in financial services.

If you are interested in creating your own AR documents, contact your local CPX member.

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