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On the Train


Members strive to find ways to minimise both  our clients' and our own impact on the planet.

To get a flavour of some of our members' initiatives, watch the videos below of click on any link to read the full story.

PVC Alternatives for Store Signage and Displays

As shopper returned to stores Hansaprint wanted to help ensure they were coming back to a more sustainable world.


They have therefore launched an initiative to reduce the production of PVC, the dubbed ‘poison plastic’, particularly in areas such as signage and display

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Extending Shelf Life with Shelfy

Food waste is one of the biggest problems facing our planet. 


To help solve this problem, Leaderform Group has developed an innovative solution called Shelfy, a cardboard container that has a coating that is hostile to bacteria. It typically doubles the shelf-life of fresh-food, massively reducing wastage.


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Paper Wrapping - Preventing Harmful Plastics

You may have noticed magazines and other publications replacing traditional polythene wrapping with a "paper wrap".


A number of our members provide this service; offering both environmental and communication benefits.


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Read about two of the other areas that we believe are important for both ourselves and our clients to keep up to date with

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